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How can we explore the world without damaging it? In his witty travel stories, author Richard Kaufmann travels parts of the world with trains and busses. And he finds: we miss most of the world, when we fly.

Funny essays, that you don’t want to read on the fly.

GEO Saison

I read the book in one go, and I was amazed!


WOW! Truly inspiring, funny and entertaining.


Like a vacation, just slower

Richard Kaufmann once travelled to Morocco, unintentionally with no money, simply because he had set off without any kind of plan. It changed him, and the way he travelled in the future. Here, he shares his stories and vision for how we can all holiday in comfort, without wrecking the environment. And we don’t have to take especially long, or go particularly far. We find the most beautiful destinations when we travel overland. Normally we never see them, because we fly right over them.


Find 11 chapters of travel anecdotes from Morocco, Iran and Eastern Europe. The author combines travel stories with inspiring essays on travelling and ideas for your next trip. Find tips on how to survive sleeper trains in Europe and how to travel without leaving your home at all.

Landreisen Detail

Follow the author on his travels to places far away and at our doorsteps. Read about the beauty of slow traveling, weekend trips without planes and how to make trips with family or friends work. The book comes with a small map with routes in Europe that can be reached easily by train. Perfect for planing your next trip.

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