About RAZ EL HANOUT Publishing


Books convey information with all our senses in a way that digital content can never manage . Our fingers feel the grain of the paper. We can smell the stories. It’s a bit like strolling through a spice market and buying something to take home that – in a tiny way – will change our lives.

The name of this new indie publisher comes from ras el hanout, a North African spice blend for which the recipe is handed down within families. You could translate it as “the best in the shop” – which is what we hope for our books.


Our first release, LANDREISENhas been published in December 2020. Behind our productions is a team of illustrators, authors and designers from Leipzig and Berlin, like Ed J Brown, Fabian Gampp, Freya Schork and Richard Kaufmann. More publications are on their way.

Bei allen Veröffentlichen steht der Gedanke im Vordergrund, verantwortungsvoll mit unseren Ressourcen umzugehen. Das spiegelt sich in den Inhalten wider, aber auch in unserer Produktionsweise. So setzen wir auf recycelte Materialien, giftfreie Druckfarben und sparen an unnötigen Verpackungen, wo immer es möglich ist. Unabhängigkeit ist ein sehr wichtiger Aspekt, deswegen arbeiten wir vorzugsweise mit Buchhandlungen direkt zusammen, besondere Konditionen verhandeln wir gern fair und gemeinsam.

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Dear authors: we want to see what you write! Send us your summary, we are looking forward to reading it! What we publish: everything that is about sustainable living. Our releases are special due to their lively and witty language.